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When enthusiasts for hand guns, rifles, weapons, paint ball, BB, pellet, and archery - amatuer and professional - want the best targets they can buy they come here. 


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We are really excited about our new shop. We want to make sure that all the new gun and firearm owners in America and around the world have the finest targets for practice, training sessions, and tournaments. Sales of hand guns and firearms are through the roof.

Fox News has reported:

"Sales of handguns and ammunition are booming across the country, and retailers say it’s all about the November election.

Gun shop owners around the nation told that sales, brisk ever since President Obama was elected, have spiked upward in recent months. And manufacturers are having so much trouble keeping up with the demand that one, Sturm, Ruger & Co., can’t keep up with demand. The Southport, Conn.-based company has had to suspend new orders after taking orders for more than 1 million guns in the first three months of the year. Smith & Wesson sales are way up, as well."

We want to make every effort that your needs are met. So we have come up with a custom section to allow you to create a target from any picture you provide or idea or bulk situation you can come up with. If you have any issues at all feel free to write us at


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